vanillalime (vanillalime) wrote,

Well, hello there, Sean Murphy Jr! (aka Myles Clohessy)

Lord have mercy...


While I was searching the web for photos of Robert Clohessy (Oz's Sean Murphy), I discovered that his real-life son, Myles, is a high-end sports & fitness model, repped by the famous Wilhelmina modeling and talent agency. And I thought this discovery was too amazing not to be shared! So I am posting a few more of Myles' porniest hottest pics under the cut.

Nice grip! *g*
myles javlin

Perfecting the "come-hither" look:
myles recline

myles top

myles beach

Making someone's fireman rescue fantasy come true:
myles fireman

And a sweet one of him with his father:
myles & dad

You can view many more pics of him HERE at his Wilhelmina profile.
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